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Lavender Embellished Elephant Jacket | Hand Dyed | Made to Order

$ 1,200.00

Lavender Embellished Elephant Jacket | Hand Dyed | Made to Order

$ 1,200.00

☾ ☆☽ 

The long awaited release of my one of kind embellished lavender jacket is here! Since creating the photographed styles for Nathalia and Kayla this year, I've had an overwhelming amount of requests for the same style. After months of searching for similar materials I can finally offer 2 replications with the purple elephant textiles in the "example of available materials" image. 

By purchasing this listing you are securing a reservation for a hand dyed purple elephant jacket designed with salvaged Indian Sari fabrics and a sequined elephant textile from Thailand. Once your order is finalized I will be in contact within 24 hours via e-mail and we can discuss your desired denim size. 

While these reservations aim to replicate the original purple jackets, you may also alter elements upon request. For example, denim can be colored to any shade of pink/purple and Indian Sari materials can be swapped out for different designs in similar colors. With your reservation you will be included in the design process to ensure we create the jacket of your dreams together! 


For those unfamiliar with the made to order approach, it designates an item is created after an order is placed. Typically designs are ready in 8-12 weeks from purchase although specific material requests may prolong the design process. If you have any questions feel free to reach out via my website's contact page and I will be happy to assist. ♡


All Wild & Free Jewelry embellished jackets are created on vintage or second hand denim in an effort to reduce textile waste. Each jacket is hand selected and then treated with fragrance free softener to create a relaxed, comfortable fit. Due to their nature, jackets may show slight signs on wear from their previous life. 


All jackets are one of a kind and the style you will receive will be similar to the photos but not exact. 


This incredible piece takes over 100 hours to create ♡ Indian Sari remnants are repaired by hand and denim is selected from vintage markets over a period of weeks. The pricing of this jacket reflects the love and care that goes into creating such a special design that's intended to be treasured for years to come. With your purchase you are not only supporting an artist's vision, but you are caring for the planet through slow fashion and reducing textile waste in the fashion industry. 

 *please note: Measurements and fit videos are sent during the design process to ensure a proper fit. It is my highest priority to make sure you are in love with your jacket